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Consistent Skincare Is Key!

Follow these steps for consistent skincare


Step 1.

Firstly find out if any products your using is causing your skin problems.

Make sure you find out the triggers for any breakouts or irritation. Once you find out the triggers you can eliminate certain products then add new products. Create a consistent skin care routine for your skin. Don't rush the process. There is no such thing as perfect skin.

Step 2.

Once you have removed the product/s that could be causing irritation. Identify your skin's issues. If it is dry, sensitive, breakouts or is oily.

Once you have identified what your skin is lacking or needs. Then try create a consistent skin care routine to help gain healthy skin.

Skin Care Routine : Dry Sensitive Skin

I experience dry and sensitive skin. For me the best routine I can create is layering on moisture.

I cleanse daily and exfoliate once or twice a week. After this I add a serum usually water based. I use the Autumn Sisters Soothing Gel which is Aloe Vera based and has nourishing extracts. It helps draw moisture to my skin.

Once i have applied this I will then add my facial moisturiser which is the Autumn Sisters Beauty SPF Face Butter. This is a rich moisturiser that helps very dry skin. I will then seal the moisture with Autumn sisters Beauty brightening Facial Oil. It has oils which help with hyperpigmentation as well as anti-ageing affects.

You choose your own cleanser, facial serum , moisturiser and facial oil. What is important is finding products that work for your skin. Try following these steps to help moisturise dry sensitive skin.


Try Create TIME

We all live very busy lives and it can be hard to be consistent with skin care. The benefits of consistency always shows. I have definitely learnt that myself. Create time for self care in this busy world.

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