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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

We can easily forget that hydration is an important aspect of life and for healthy skin. We are all guilty of going through the day hydrating our selves with copious amounts of coffee and energy drinks to get us through the day.

Not realising that this affects our body as well as our skin. I'm sure we have heard what you consume will show on the outside. At autumn sisters we are about soothing, Nourishing & protecting our customers skin.

Soothing Gel What does it do?

It is made from Aloe Vera Gel as well as Nourishing Seaweed extract, AHA extract, Tea tree essential oil & Argan extract.


It includes Argan Extract which protects skin from sun damage, has anti ageing affects and moisturises the skin.

AHA extract is also added to help exfoliate the skin. Also it brightens and reduces discolouration and helps plump and smooth skin. How to use: use after cleansing the skin. Apply 1-2 drops of the gel into your hand. Apply to face and neck to hydrate skin. After moisturise with your choosen moisturiser. Can be used day and night to add hydration and moisture.

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Soothe, Nourish & Protect


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