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Skin Update

I am big believer in recording your skin journey. It isn't always a simple one but sometimes we don't see the simple small changes. It's not about perfection but aiming for healthy skin.

This is quick reminder to not give up on your skin. Its about consistency and being patient. I hope this encourages someone today. This before and after is a 2 year journey. 

These are the main products i have used from Autumn Sisters Beauty. I use our brightening facial oil in the evening to seal in moisture and add nourishment to my skin. As well as, the SPF face cream in the morning to add moisture and the Soothing Aloe gel to add hydration to my skin. This and a combination having a morning and evening skincare routine have helped my skin become healthier.

My skin is not perfect i still have spots and breakouts at times. Rather than worry i continue to do what i am doing and make changes if needed. I think being realistic is important it allows you to enjoy the journey. I don't dread my skincare routine any more but enjoy the this time.

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